Yi Yi Pictures manages creative activities through the application of industrial workflow processes. We use big data to understand our audience, employ project management tools to standardize audio-visual production processes, and recruit award-winning staff to ensure production quality.






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Yi Yi was co-founded by former general marketing manager of Le Vision Pictures Yvonne Huang, general manager of Activator Marketing Steve Wang, Golden Bell Awards winner for art and design ArChin, and cultural and creative industries agent Huang Hsio Huei. The team has accumulated a wealth of experience across diverse projects, including production work for acclaimed films such as Warriors of the Rainbow: Seediq BaleJump Ashin!, GF + BF, and Zone Pro Site.

By combining traditional cinema with online video services and with years of experience in the primary market communicating business and artistic visions, we ensure that all projects are supported by a rich network of industry connections and resources.

Our services include project development, film production, and talent management. 





發行超過200部中外影片,經歷橫跨發行、影展、戲院通路、文創經紀、版權銷售、項目開發等領域。 2011年與李烈、馬天宗共同創立牽猴子整合行銷股份有限公司,期間參與行銷/發行知名作品包括《翻滾吧!阿信》、《刺客聶隱娘》、《總舖師》、《健忘村》、《太陽的孩子》、《不老騎士:歐兜邁環台日記》、《看見台灣》、《老鷹想飛》、《行者》等劇情片及紀錄片


曾經紀創作人:知名配樂/作曲家王希文、劇照師郭政彰、華語電影海報設計師陳世川、橫掃國際知名插畫及包裝獎的插畫家劉經瑋、實力個性演員李劭婕、劇作家簡士耕與李念修等。 和【賽德克‧巴萊】的行銷團隊共同榮獲2012年MCEI行銷傳播卓越獎金獎,亦曾參與多部電影


以《一把青》獲得第51屆金鐘獎最佳美術設計 擔任《誰先愛上他》《一把青》《切小金家的旅館》《帶我去月球》《鬥魚》等視覺特效總監 《戀戀風塵》《恐怖份子》《徵婚啟事》《愛情萬歲》《飲食男女》經典電影數位修復製作


Founder Yvonne Huang

  • Former general marketing manager of Le Vision Picture, former marketing director of Work Film Industry.
  • Worked on over 50 movies with total gross earnings over 6 billion RMB, including 10 films in 2016 that earned over 300 million RMB each.
  • Worked on blockbusters such as Mojin: The Lost Legend, The Great Wall, L.O.R.D: Legend of Ravaging Dynasties, Time Raiders, Warriors of the Rainbow: Seediq Bale, and The Message.
  • Well versed in every aspect of project management, experienced in project development, investment assessment, marketing, and cinema sales.
  • Developed film project workflow and management systems, data-driven operating methodologies, and online multilingual video management protocols during her career in the film and entertainment industry.

Co-Founder Steve Wang

  • Distributed over 200 internationally and locally produced films; experienced in film distribution, film festivals, cinemas, IP agent, copyright sales, and project development.
  • Co-founded Activator Marketing in 2011 with Lee Lieh and Ma Tien-tsung, which participated in sales and distribution of prominent dramas and documentaries such as Jump Ashin!, The Assassin; Zone Pro Site; The Village of No Return; Wawa No Cidal; Go Grandriders; Beyond Beauty: Taiwan from Above; Fly, Kite Fly; and Walker.

Director of Cultural and Creative Businesses Vita Huang

  • Represented artists such as music writer and composer Owen Wang, action still photographer Kuo Cheng Chang, poster designer Gelresai Chen, award-winning illustrator and packaging designer Liu Ching-wei, actress Clara Lee, and playwrights Jian Shih-geng and Li Nien-Hsiu.
  • Gold medal recipient at the 2012 MCEI Marketing Excellence Awards, along with the Warriors of the Rainbow: Seediq Bale sales team. Vita Huang has participated in many other films.  

Head of Production ArChin

  • Winner of Best Art and Design Award at the 51st Golden Bell Awards for A Touch of Green.
  • Special effects director for films including Dear Ex, A Touch of Green, Secrets in the Hot Spring, Take Me to the Moon, and The Outsiders.
  • Digitally restored classic films including Dust in the WindTerrorizersThe PersonalsVive L’Amour, and Eat Drink Man Woman.
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